Q: When will I receive my order?

A: All orders take 1-3 business days processing and domestic (US) orders take 3-10 business days with regular shipping, 3-5 with first class w/ tracking and international orders take 14-21 business days

Q: How do preorders work?

A: Preorders have a window of time when the product is available. These times usually span about 5-10 days. After the window has closed it takes about 2-3 business days to put the order into production. After production begins depending on the order size it can take about 7-14 business days. After that orders are produced the items are either picked up or delivered to us and we ship them out within the next 3-5 business days.

Q: How long do preorders take?

A: 3-4 weeks for domestic (US) orders and 4-5 weeks for international orders

Q: Will you restock sold out items?

A: Depending on the popularity of the item we will consider restocking them. If we do it will be on a monthly or bimonthly time frame.

Q: Do you take commission or special orders?

A: julzsenpai does not take commission or special orders. However we do take suggestions which you can e-mail to us at julzsenpaii@gmail.com. We will not respond to the e-mail, but will take note of the suggestion.

Q: I made an order do you have a tracking number for me?

A: Regular shipping does not come with tracking. Only orders made with the option of first class w/ tracking and above will receive tracking numbers.

Q: I put the wrong shipping address can you change it?

A: If we've already sent out the order there's nothing we can do. If the item comes back to me we will make an attempt to reach the customer via e-mail. If there is no response we are no longer liable for the item and will not issue a refund.

Q: My item was shipped to the wrong location what can we do?

A: Contact the carrier used for the item and see what they can do. If it was a mistake on our end we will do what we can to fix the issue.  If it was a mistake on the consumer's end we will not be responsible.

All sales are final! Double check your address when finishing your order!
Julzsenpai is not responsible for lost packages or items sent to the wrong address.